August 7th
Becky G’s Teenage Dream: The Billboard Photo Shoot
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Becky G, Dr. Luke’s boundary-breaking YouTube discovery, is 17 and burning up Billboard’s Hot 100 and Latin charts. But the teen sensation — whose real name is Becky Gomez — isn’t taking any of her success for granted.

“I’m lying in bed, looking at the ceiling, on a natural high of, ‘Oh my God, this is my life. Like, this isn’t a movie,'” says Gomez.

“I got discovered off of YouTube,” says Gomez. “If it weren’t for my fans, I wouldn’t be where I am. I felt like I should make them part of this.”

In fact, like she did with her 2013 EP Play It Again, she plans to ask her Twitter followers to name her upcoming album.

“I couldn’t sing about being in love then,” Gomez says about when she was younger. “It wouldn’t be as believable.”

“I saw a crazy determination,” says Dr Luke. “She was only 14, but she was a star. When I met her, I didn’t even know she could sing too. I was like, ‘Let’s go.'”

“I needed something that was going to get me out of the garage and help out at the same time — and what better way than to do what I love?” Gomez says about living in her grandparents’ garage during one particularly rough patch in her family’s life.

“As a marketer, I see her as the greatest thing that ever walked the planet,” jokes marketing consultant Paul Kremen.

“This is me, living this,” says Gomez. “Right now. It’s crazy.”

Source: Billboard

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