April 14th
Be in Becky G’s Music Video!
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Becky wants YOU to be in her music video!
The details? This weekend, Los Angeles, and the chance to hear a new song 😉 .

What do you have to do?
Create a video in the community that explains how Becky has influenced YOU and what you want to ask her on-set! The video should be less than 30 seconds, get as creative as you want. Make sure your hashtag includes #BeastersMusicVideo.

The challenge closes Friday at 10am. We’ll be picking winners Friday afternoon. Travel & accommodation are not included.

By entering you accept these terms and conditions: http://bit.ly/1NoMhcE

Enter at Bkstg: s://s.bkstg.com/rGHJ1Zs

March 2nd
Happy Birthday Becky!
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I wanted to wish Rebbeca Marie Gomez a very happy 18th birthday! 🙂

November 27th
Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Live Stream
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Becky G will be performing at this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. For those of you who live outside of the USA or are unable to watch it on TV, I have posted a live stream to it.

March 16th
Becky’s Austin Mahone Impression
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Last week, we caught up with Becky G before her big “MTV Artist To Watch Tour” show in New York City (where she, Midnight Red, and W3 The Future supported headlining act Austin Mahone) to see if we could partake in some very, very, very #SeriousBusiness. And by that, we play some photo charades!

Ugh, each #covermoment just makes us wanna go back and hang out with her all over again! Bex, are you free today and/or hungry for some pizza and froyo? We know some parties who might be interested — US.

Anyway, along with this seriously killer impression of the “MMM Yeah” singer up top (I mean, would you look at that Mahomie swag?), the 17-year-old rapper acted out a few more flawless, on-the-spot ideas we threw at her.

Breaking news, Becky! The Easter Bunny is real!

Time to throw some subtle shade!

Becky, show ‘em you woke up like this! #Flawless

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Source: MTV

March 15th
On The Road to the RDMAs with Becky G
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I came across this video today of Becky when she performed in Orlando as part of On The Road to the RDMAs. Skip to 35:11 to see Becky.

March 14th
Becky G BTS Tour with MTV
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Can’t get enough of Becky G? That is, you’ve already seen her music videos, follow her on Instagram, and maybe even caught her on the MTV Artists to Watch Tour with Austin Mahone. But you still want more?

Well, it’s a good thing you’re here. We’ve got behind-the-scenes footage from a typical day being Becky from the Block.

From her hotel room to her concert in Pittsburgh, follow Becky G through a day full of show prep and press. In the video, Beasters meet her dad and her DJ, Awsumo. Before she leaves her hotel room, she applies a quick coat of eyeliner and packs up her “show bag,” which will head to the venue with her.

“I’m without a makeup artist and hairstylist,” she admits. “Every press thing that I do, every radio thing that I do, every show that I do is all me, by myself.”

“I am doing wardrobe by myself out here. It’s definitely tough,” she says, packing up her suitcases. And off she goes to do some interviews.

The COVERGIRL hits up radio stations and web shows, which can be exhausting when you’re a new artist trying to get out there. “Lucky for me, doing the interviews is my favorite part,” she says.

From there, it’s off to the dressing room, where she gets amped up for the gig. “My room is like a football locker room ’cause I’m the only girl. It’s all a bunch of guys: my dancers, my DJ, my dad.”

At one point Mahone pops in and they commiserate over the end of the tour, sharing a hug before getting stage-ready.

With some fire-red lipstick and her lucky #3 sequined top, Becky heads out under the spotlights. What a #covermoment!

Source: MTV

March 14th
Variety Latino Talks with Becky G
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Atentos, #Beasters: Variety Latino tuvo una invitación muy especial recientemente a la casa de Becky G, donde conocimos un poco más a esta joven cantante/rapera de Los Angeles que tiene uno de los mayores seguimientos en las redes sociales, gracias a sus fans, los #Beasters.

Lo que más nos gusta de esta mexicano-americana es que ella sabe muy bien de donde vino y hacia donde va. Su familia pasó por momentos muy difíciles hace algunos años y hasta perdió su casa, y le tocó vivir con sus abuelitos en un garage. Ahora que tiene éxito, Becky se asegura de compartirlo con su familia, hasta ayudando con los gastos de la casa.

¿Tan bella, no?

Nos recuerda mucho a Selena — hasta en la forma de vestir — pero también tiene mucho en común con Jennifer Lopez, y a tan solo 17 años de edad, ya vemos que puede llegar a ser una superestrella mundial más allá de la música, al igual que J.Lo.

“He visto la película de Selena [con Jennifer Lopez] miles de veces,” nos dijo Becky en su famoso Spanglish. “Ella es el mejor ejemplo — cuando su papá le dice, ‘en este mundo te dan dos opciones — o eres demasiado mexicano para los gringos o eres demasiado gringo para los mexicanos; no se puede estar en el medio,’ y ella demostró que sí se puede.”

Como la modelo más joven de CoverGirl, Becky les está enseñando a las chicas que deben quererse a sí mismas, tal como son.

Este mes, Becky se encuentra de gira con Austin Mahone para el “MTV Artist to Watch” tour.

Source: Variety Latino