February 20th
Si Una Vez ft. Becky G
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Our English version of the Selena Q classic “Si Una Vez” with all star performances by Frankie J, Becky G and Kap G.

October 7th
Becky G – Mangú
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August 28th
“Sola” Music Video
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April 14th
Be in Becky G’s Music Video!
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Becky wants YOU to be in her music video!
The details? This weekend, Los Angeles, and the chance to hear a new song 😉 .

What do you have to do?
Create a video in the community that explains how Becky has influenced YOU and what you want to ask her on-set! The video should be less than 30 seconds, get as creative as you want. Make sure your hashtag includes #BeastersMusicVideo.

The challenge closes Friday at 10am. We’ll be picking winners Friday afternoon. Travel & accommodation are not included.

By entering you accept these terms and conditions: http://bit.ly/1NoMhcE

Enter at Bkstg: s://s.bkstg.com/rGHJ1Zs

February 16th
Album Song Previews
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Hey Beasters, I know this is a little late, but Becky recently previewed some of her songs during a livestream.

December 21st
New Song – “Stutter”
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Literally decided to do this today out of the blue.
Wanted to drop something for you guys since I’m in the holiday spirit.
Here is a song I re-made with some great friends of mine.
Crazy how just hanging out in the studio one day listening to old songs that I loved turned into this. I LOVE this song and wanted to cover it because I felt some type of way.

Merry Christmas to my amazing Beasters.
As we get closer to the end of this year I can’t help but reflect on everything I’ve been through. It’s not easy, but with you all by my side I feel unstoppable. You all mean the world to me.
It all started here, just uploading videos on youtube. Now look how far we’ve come. Our Beaster family continues to grow and that brings me so much happiness.

I can’t thank you guys enough.

I love you.