October 6th
Break A Sweat Lyric Video
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Hey everyone,
I know it’s been a long time without posting. Here is the lyric video for Break A Sweat. I will be updating the gallery soon.

August 20th
New Song: Break A Sweat (Audio)
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“Break a Sweat” will be available to download on August 21st (tomorrow).

August 20th
Becky G Web has a new URL
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Hi everyone,
Welcome back to BeckyGWeb.com (now BeckyGWeb.org)!

Our fansite host recently shut down and unfortunately they own BeckyGWeb.com, so we were not able to keep the domain. We have found a new home with Flaunt Network. Everything should be good as new, but if you come across any broken links feel free to reach out to us on Twitter.

Affiliates, please change our link to BeckyGWeb.org.

Thank you to everyone who visits the site, we love you!

July 18th
Becky G Attends Premios Juventud
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If you’re interested in seeing the video I filmed of her performance you can check it out here.

Gallery Links:
Home > Appearances > 2015 > [July 16] Premios Juventud (Arrivals)
Home > Appearances > 2015 > [July 16] Premios Juventud (Show)
Home > Photoshoots > 033

June 2nd
Listen to Becky G’s New Rap Song, “Bubblicious”
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Becky G gave us all a major treat last week when she posted some sweet previews for her new song, “Bubblicious.”

Becky has left us wanting more ever since she released her last single, “Lovin So Hard.” We still can’t get over the cuteness that took place in that video. Her and Austin Mahone are definitely #RelationshipGoals.

Becky posted snippets of “Bubblicious” on her Instagram account. We think this jam could be the song of the summer! Although it’s only a few second preview, we can already tell this rap will be spinning like crazy!

This song seems to have a more club vibe than her previous stuff — and we approve! The lyrics read:

Make em wait for it / everybody in the club go cray for it /

This song also sounds a bit more mature than her previous music! WE love it.

Becky also posted a photo of her at the studio with the caption:

“Can’t wait for you guys to hear this new song. That rap flow.”

This post got us even more excited for this song… who doesn’t love a girl who can rap? Becky continues to impress us more and more each day.

We definitely agree that everybody in the club will go cray for this song! Becky has been hitting the studio nonstop to prepare for the release of her album. The album sounds like it will be a mix between love songs AND songs you can play when you’re getting ready to go out with your besties!

Source: Popmania